SUPERB helps restaurants organize reservations

The platform is the core in your business, and the base for a good relation to your guests. As well as you don’t compromise with the quality of the food, you don’t have to compromise with your guests reservation experience.


With the intuitive tools for booking management you get the freedom to control your workflow. The experience applications is an opportunity for you to communicate selected menus to your guests when they reserve a table.

See how Mielcke og Hurtigkarl uses the experience application to inspire their guests.




In order to ease your management the SUPERB platform collects all you need: Your reservations, guest data, tables and guest’s contact info are all organized in one single dashboard.

The system adapts to your preferences and needs, and you are always in control of the specific settings.

Stability and Support

The reservation platform is online based which means that all you need for it to work is Wi-Fi. If your computer crashes you can easily replace it, and the data and reservations will not be lost. SUPERB works on all devices: tablets, smartphone, PC or MAC, and there is no limitation to the number of users.
Our support is always accessible. You can reach us by phone, mail or chat all day every day.


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